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When and How to Spread Fertilizer in the Fall
When should you spread fertilizer in the fall?The best time to fertilize your lawn in the fall will vary depending on where you live. Mid-September...
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Weeds In Arkansas - Most Common Lawn Needs
The most common weeds in Arkansas are:Annual BluegrassCommon ChickweedCommon Yellow WoodsorrelCorn SpeedwellDandelionPurple NutsedgeSpotted SpurgeA...
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Watering Your Lawn in Arkansas: A Complete Guide
Every lawn care is seemingly beset by the same questions - how long, how much, and how often to water one's grass. Worse still, internet forums, tr...
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How to Get Rid of Common Arkansas Weeds
Weeds can pose many problems, such as damaging crops and essentially stealing nutrients from them. These unwanted plants not only stunt the growth ...
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How to Get Rid of Lawn Algae
Lawn Algae is a type of algae that grows in your lawn due to moist conditions. It can be green, brown, or even black in color. If you've dealt with...
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Types of Grass in Arkansas & How to Care for Them
Grass types in Arkansas have to withstand both hot and cold weather depending on the time of year. Arkansas is in the middle of what turf professio...
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How to Prevent Aphids - Prevention and Control Methods
Aphids are a big problem for plants of all kinds. They suck the sap out of plant stems, leaves, and roots. If you notice plants with wet, sticky le...
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Lawn Care Tips: Should You Rake Your Leaves?
When it comes to leaves, there's no stopping them from covering your yard. Every fall the leaves separate from their branches and weave into a brig...
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