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Guaranteed Lawn Service in Bentonville

A healthy, beautiful lawn is every homeowner's dream, but most don't have the time to make it a reality. Rather than put up with a lackluster space, trust us for your lawn care needs. We'll take care of the hard work for you, giving you guaranteed results.

No Contracts Necessary

We offer the best services in Arkansas at an affordable price. Our no-contract approach allows us to focus on you.

Same-Day Service

You shouldn't have to wait days on end for service. That's why we offer same-day services if you call before noon!

Money-Back Guarantee

At Turf Team, we stand behind our services. If you're not 100% satisfied after our visit, we'll give you your money back!

"This is the best our lawn has ever looked, even according to my father-in-law! I've noticed the liquid fertilizer works much faster than the granular and we don't have to worry about watering in the products."

Levi A.
Bentonville, AR

Lawn Care in Bentonville

As the seasons change, so do the needs of your lawn. That's why our lawn care in Bentonville is tailored to the time of year, giving your grass exactly what it needs to thrive. We use liquid treatments that act faster and cost less than traditional methods to transform patchy, brown turf into a space that will make all your neighbors green with envy!

When you partner with us for lawn care in Bentonville, you'll receive:

  • Strategic fertilization before peak growing season to ensure your grass has the nutrients it needs.
  • Pre-emergent solutions to target weeds before they can sprout, preventing them from becoming an issue.
  • Post-emergent weed control to eliminate existing crabgrass, thistle, clover, and other unwanted weeds.
  • Grub control to prevent larvae from eating the roots of your grass and causing brown patches.
  • Lawn disease treatment to quickly identify and treat the specific fungus that is attacking your lawn.

Custom Lawn Care Without a Contract

We believe that lawn care doesn't have to be complicated, and with our no-contract options, it's never been easier to get the outdoor space you deserve. You get to choose which services you need, whether it's regular visits or a one-time solution. Either way, you can feel confident you'll receive the best service available. If you call before noon, we'll be there the very same day!

You'll See Results, Guaranteed

As a local business, we take great pride in helping our neighbors achieve gorgeous lawns. To ensure you get the results you want, our lawn care in Bentonville comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues after a visit, simply let us know and we'll do whatever it takes to make things right—including giving you your money back!


Tree Service in Bentonville

Trees and shrubs are a big boost to your curb appeal, but only if they're kept healthy and well-maintained, which can be a major hassle. Rather than take on that endeavor by yourself, trust our tree services in Bentonville. Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience caring for ornamentals, ensuring your plants get the treatment they need every time.

Our tree and shrub care in Bentonville includes:

  • Year-round visits to keep your plants looking their best.
  • Liquid fertilizer applications for noticeable results.
  • Open communication with our experts, so you're always informed.
  • Same-day service when you call before noon.
  • Recurring or one-time treatments without a contract.
  • Our money-back guarantee.

Mosquito Control in Bentonville

If you're tired of swatting mosquitoes every time you step outside, look no further than our mosquito control in Bentonville! We use products that are proven to dramatically reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property, protecting you from their irritating bites and potential diseases like malaria, dengue, and West Nile virus. With our guaranteed results, you know you'll be able to enjoy your time outside without unwanted mosquitoes.

When you choose our mosquito control in Bentonville, we will:

  • Inspect your lawn, looking for mosquito breeding areas and hideouts.
  • Perform targeted liquid treatments to eliminate mosquitoes upon contact.
  • Return throughout mosquito season for regular visits, keeping you protected.
  • Share expert advice on ways to keep mosquitoes out of your lawn.
  • Give you exceptional customer service, our money-back guarantee, and same-day service!

Your dream lawn is a phone call away!

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